The Turn

The Turn: 0.1

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Artist: The Turn

Artist: The Turn
Title: 0.1

0.1 is the debut album from Perth outfit "turn". Recorded at turn's studio "The Pod Bay", the music is an exploration of the integration of post rock guitar and electronic music. Every song is a world unto it's own and a journey through extensions on simple and melodic ideas. From the soaring, pop influenced melodies of "Searchlight" to the pseudo blues inflections of "Green" and the ear melting straight up, rock influenced beats and noise of the second track "Turn", every tune is guaranteed to grab you by the ears and pull your brain apart! "One of the most distinct and beautiful West Australian releases in many years" Dave Cutbush, Music Director, RTRFM 92.1 "Pummeling right angled rhythms with high tech drones" Andrew Ryan (Fall Electric, RTR FM DJ)

1.1 Green
1.2 Turn
1.3 Searchlight
1.4 Mind Riff
1.5 Catapilla
1.6 Plug Mind
1.7 Land Out

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