The Vandals: Quickening

The Vandals: Quickening
Title: Quickening
Label: Nitro Records

The gods of humor core are back this time with predictions of the end of the world. "Gods of humor core" is no exaggeration! When you here these guys, you'll swear they're a bad joke. Their last album on Nitro records sold 30,000 copies. The band will be touring with NOFX in support of this record. Punked-up tracks include "Stop Smiling," "Tastes Like Chicken," "(But Then) She Spoke," "How (Did This Loser Get a Job)," "Aging Orange" and "Failure Is the Best Revenge."

1.1 Stop Smiling
1.2 It's a Fact
1.3 Marry Me
1.4 Allah
1.5 Tastes Like Chicken
1.6 (But Then) She Spoke
1.7 How (Did This Loser Get This Job?)
1.8 Hungry for You
1.9 Failure Is the Best Revenge
1.10 Aging Orange
1.11 Canine Euthenaisa
1.12 Moving Up
1.13 (I'll Make You) Love Me
1.14 Choosing Your Masters
1.15 I Believe

The Vandals: Quickening

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