The Vera Violets: Dirty Rainbow

The Vera Violets: Dirty Rainbow
Title: Dirty Rainbow
Label: CD Baby

An enchanter, a flatterer, a liar in Picasso's art-is-lie-yielding-truth sense, Vera Violet is the muse artists dream of meeting. She came for band founder Jonathan Beadle in a willowy frame, wearing 60's thrift-store chic and death-trip shoegaze eyeliner. She's whispered songs of raging happiness in 'Sunflower,' blush-worthy infatuation in 'You Turn Me,' balls-out gear head rock in 'Lemons' and numbing acumen with 'When You Realize.' She's the unreal dream we all long for while listening to our fav orite music, and with The Vera Violets' latest release, Dirty Rainbow, the band has her under their collective thumb. NON-RETURNABLE

1.1 Little Ms. Misbehave
1.2 As You Are Mine
1.3 Love Candy
1.4 Cleopatra Eyes
1.5 When You Realize
1.6 If It's Soft
1.7 When We Get Some Time Alone
1.8 In the Sun
1.9 Hello Love
1.10 Stitches
1.11 Honey Blues
1.12 Prayers for Sunshine

The Vera Violets: Dirty Rainbow

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