The Vyllies

The Vyllies: 1983-1988 Remastered

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Artist: The Vyllies

Artist: The Vyllies
Title: 1983-1988 Remastered

The Vyllies are three independent women from the French speaking part of Switzerland, who attracted a great deal of public attention in the 1980s with their unique sound and dramatic stage performances. The double CD 'The Vyllies 1983-1988 REMASTERED' provides, with 29 digitally remastered tracks, a deep insight into the musical work of The Vyllies and includes a comprehensive booklet.

1.1 Purple Gorilla
1.2 Whispers in... the Shadow
1.3 Madness
1.4 Babylon
1.5 Rare
1.6 Ahia
1.7 The Sky Is Full of Stitches
1.8 Agrainir
1.9 Exquisite Carcass
1.10 Whispers in the Shadow
1.11 Seventh Heaven
1.12 Bad Trip
1.13 The Food Prayer
1.14 La Nuit Des Vyllies
2.1 Give Me a Name
2.2 Beautiful Diseases
2.3 The Black Raven
2.4 Desire (Repetition Desperation)
2.5 La Nuit Des Vyllies (Instrumental)
2.6 Now We Fall
2.7 Playing in the Sand
2.8 Silver Promises (The Bride's Trousseau)
2.9 The Amazon Archer
2.10 The Souls with Doors
2.11 Mary's Room
2.12 Can You Hear the Witches Laugh?
2.13 Is It?
2.14 Spiral House
2.15 Now We Fall (Single)

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