The Watson Twins

The Watson Twins: Talking To You, Talking To Me

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Talking To You, Talking To Me
Label: Vanguard Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Watson Twins know how to set a mood, whether they're shaping the country-soul of Jenny Lewis' Rabbit Fur Coat or the Southern slow-burn of their own material. Released four years after their breakthrough performance with Lewis, this sophomore album finds the sisters turning to Carole King's solo material, and the darker, twangier side of the Laurel Canyon scene for inspiration. Members of My Morning Jacket and Everest make cameo appearances in the girls' backup band, and songs like "Give Me a Chance," "Midnight," and "Harpeth River" mix the Watsons' vocal power with atmospheric, country-tinged arrangements.

1.1 Modern Man
1.2 Harpeth River
1.3 Forever Me
1.4 Midnight
1.5 Savin You
1.6 Brave One
1.7 Devil in You
1.8 Snow Canyons
1.9 Tell Me Why
1.10 Calling Out
1.11 Give Me a Chance
1.12 U-N-Me

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