The White Mandingos: The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me

The White Mandingos: The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me
Artist: The White Mandingos
Title: The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me
Product Type: VINYL LP

Celebrated West Coast rhyme-slayer Murs, legendary bassist and Bad Brains founder Darryl Jenifer and ego trip co-creator Sacha Jenkins SHR are THE WHITE MANDINGOS. The band's output combines the collective musical experiences of these three men who hail from three distinct towns: Washington DC, Los Angeles and New York City. Their debut full length, The Ghetto is Trying to Kill Me, is slated for release on Fat Beats Records come June 11th, 2013. The album is broadcast from the perspective of Tyrone White-a fellow from Harlem's Polo Grounds housing projects who fronts a rock band. White's struggle for acceptance, success and love is explored throughout this genrebending LP. In the end, the listener better understands Rakim's old adage, "It ain't where ya from, it's where ya at." Jenkins' background as a writer and satirist who has focused largely on the subject of race plays a role in how the soul of the album rings out. "I think a lot of folks will be able to relate to Tyrone and his struggles," Jenkins says. "He feels misunderstood-by his women, his friends, his people. And that misunderstanding sometimes affects who he is and who he truly wants to be. Should he not be playing this music because he's black? And who the hell is in the position to tell him what to do anyways?" Bass, guitar, drums, vox, hip hop, 808s, hardcore punk, metal and dusted R&B comes together to push a debut LP that takes the strengths of the band's members into fresh, uncharted territories. Things are coming together for the White Mandingos. And "random" is a big part of their magic. "I randomly called Murs because a voice in my head said that he'd be great for the band-I didn't know him," Jenkins admits. "Got his number from a mutual friend and asked him if he wanted to be in a band with me and Darryl called The White Mandingos, and the dude said YES." Jenkins is totally blown away by the opportunity to create with Jenifer and Murs. "As a fan of both artists, I feel honored to be a part of such a historic project," Jenkins adds. "Making music with these dudes is like a dream come true. Feels like I'm making music with my brothers. Feels like I'm in the Jackson 5! Minus Joe Jackson."

1.1 The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me
1.2 Black-N-White
1.3 Warn a Brotha
1.4 Wifey
1.5 King of New York
1.6 Black Girl Toof
1.7 I Don't Understand
1.8 My Weapon
1.9 My First White Girl
1.10 Guilty of Being White
1.11 What You Waitin' On?
1.12 I Like You
1.13 Wesley Snipes
1.14 Mandingo Rally
1.15 Too Late

The White Mandingos: The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me

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