Wild Dogs: Live at Headbangers Open Air

The Wild Dogs: Live at Headbangers Open Air
Title: Live at Headbangers Open Air
Label: CD Baby

For the entire US METALcatalog please visit our store here at cdbaby/all/usmetal I July 2008 Mat McCourt's new lineup of Wild Dogs travelled to Germany for the first time in the bands 25 year history. Alongside groups Exodus Sweet Savage,Deadly Blessing,Lethal,Detente and Beehler they perfromed at Headbangers Open Air, an invitational metal fest featuring 80's bands exclusively and hosting some of the biggest reunions in metal history, the festival founded by Hellion records man Juergen Hegewald has been running for 12 years always the week before the huge wacken fest which draws 90 thousand metal heads from all over europe and the world. It's actually down the hiway from HOA. Wild dogs roars thru a 60 minute set of classic material that showcases McCourts vocal ability and guitarist Robert Robinson unique and jaw dropping style. The photos used on the artwork were taken by Isabell Goetz whose husband plays in powerball a popular German band and happened to be roomates at the hotel we stayed in. The photos of the crowd were taken by me (matt) for the purpose of using them on this here CD i like to share hat onstage experience whenever possible with teh people who make it possible so it's MY tribute to the longtime fans and friends of this group. While in Germany we played the HOA warm up show at a compund known as planet alsen an old steel mill that has been converted knto several venues and is adorned with superior art form clorful artistst who have flown in to paint the walls it's a very colorful and awesome breath taking really place, the peple were so nice and meeting teh bands was jhust the best the firends i made whilethere i still keep in contact with and if you're reading this thanx for the memories, after the Hoa gig on this CD we played teh after show party in Hamburg at ballroom Hamburg (the headbangers ballroom) after leaving tey comfort of witte hof a nice bed and breakfast that promotes group friendshipo and sports super breakfasts provided by Horst and edda witte (whom I've also remained in contact with every week Horst is determined to hel p me learn deutshce!. in Hamburg troy robert nd i decided to go find the venue during the hot summer day. After 3 hours of walking the city in the 98 degree heat and visiting the dom an amusement park wuth the largest rollercoasters I've seen (and accompanied by 2 guys who were absolutely against riding them) we came back down reeperbahn and saw a bus that was at HOA and the 2 gyus who owned it the isnger of an ac/dc soundinig band called ohrenfeindt) we asked them where the ballrom was they tried to explain and finally said let us take you there so hopped ont e bus and droove up to a place that had a line of people outside at 4 in the afternoon i wondered what was going on..they were waiting for us to show up for anunscheduled meet and greet 2 hourslater we finished signing cds and vinyl and even demo casettes and a ravers album! And drugour self backto the hotel which of course was just across the street to the right but on this trip i was ocnstantly going left- i know it's left (one trip to the hoa site we 'turned left and had a nice 90 minute scenic tour of the backroads of itzehoe Germany where hellion records is located another time leaving HOA site at 1am int he pitch black farmlands e had a 2 our tour of the holstein cow pastures (yes the poace the cows are named after finally found the place that we had come within 50 years of 3 times butteh autobahn is a great place to drive (BETTER IF YOU HAVE A GPS THOUGH) .like a common man i said oh no well be fine with a map, big mistake! ^#^so this is the acocunt atleast the 60 minutes of being onstage and as we were scheduled n the 3rd day we were all knackered from 3 days of meeting new friends whom i would like to say thanx or DANKE to for being so hospitable dirk shorty steffi tennesee martina andel and juergen really made things smooth on my firsttrip to Germany and is where i will be in 6 weeks of wriitng this dear readers not to perform officially ( i iwll appear with 2 different bands at st puali fest and teh pre hoa show) but as a friend and guest. Hope this brings you back to the day it happened as it does me.,...see ya next time, we'll be back mat McCourt.

1.1 Life Is a Game
1.2 Tonite Show
1.3 Evil in Me
1.4 Born to Rock
1.5 Take Another Prisoner
1.6 Atomic Thunder
1.7 Two Wrongs
1.8 Black Leather Maniac
1.9 Stick to Your Guns
1.10 Not Stoppin'
1.11 Reign of Terror
1.12 Rank and File
1.13 Believe in Me

Wild Dogs: Live at Headbangers Open Air

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