The Wizards

The Wizards: Full Moon in Scorpio

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Wizards

Title: Full Moon in Scorpio
Label: High Roller

With their very own mixture of seventies hard rock, traditional heavy metal and occult imagery The Wizards from Bilbao in Spain have struck a chord with the contemporary metal public. The band's latest studio album »Rise Of The Serpent« (High Roller Records, 2018) received outstanding press reviews and was adored by fans. The Wizards were were originally formed in the spring of 2013. After having recorded a four-track demo the band started gigging for earnest in February 2014. Since then, The Wizards have released three studio albums and toured mainly in Spain but also in France, Portugal and Germany. »The Wizards« (2015) was followed by »Full Moon In Scorpio« (2017) and the latest »Rise Of The Serpent« (2018). "We are determined to carry the flag for hard rock and heavy metal all around the globe and make all headbangers happy," remarks the band's guitarist Felipe. Due to public demand, High Roller Records has decided to re-issue the band's second album »Full Moon In Scorpio« (originally released on Fighter Records in limited quantity). "Occult Heavy Metal Warriors" is The Wizards' slogan and once you hear songs such as "Calliope (Cosmic Revelation)", "Stardust" and above all "Halftones To Eternity" you surely know why. "If you scratch the surface, you will find some 1970s hard rock, a piece of the doomy element and even some punk," explains guitarist Felipe how »Full Moon In Scorpio« sounds. "We like rock 'n' roll and blues music and are interested in occultism, spiritualism and all alternative religions against mainstream monotheism." He concludes: "We feel our music is a weapon against the modern world." So join the legions and fight the good fight side by side with the mighty Wizards.

1.1 Avidya
1.2 Calliope (Cosmic Revelations)
1.3 Odinist
1.4 Stardust
1.5 Leaving the Past Behind
1.6 Halftones to Eternity
1.7 Who Are You
1.8 Mr. Gurdjieff?
1.9 When We Were Gods

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