The Woods

The Woods: Hold on to Gravity

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Artist: The Woods

Artist: The Woods
Title: Hold on to Gravity

Fusing Rock & Roll, Reggae, and Folk, Get ready for the journey that is 'Hold On To Gravity'. The Woods' Fun, Improvisational, blend of Instrumental jams and well told stories make 'Hold On To Gravity' come alive. This conceptual-style album flows through smoothly and has some very fun, upbeat tracks ('Let's Get Together', 'Island Groove', 'Techno Prisoners') that bring you to the realm of space. The CD also comes with a Bonus Disc that features six Rustic/ Bluegrass-style Tracks, including Johnny Cash's 'Folsom Prison Blues'. The Bonus Disc has good helpings of Mandolin, Percussion & Organ, which really sets the mood of it's Folk flavor. This 2010 Full-length Release features over 80 minutes of music on 2 discs. With over 3 years in the making, The Woods are proud to claim this as their 3rd album to date! Two CD for One Price!!! For more recordings and information about 'The Woods' e-mail us at Enjoy, The Woods OTHER RELEASES: 2002 - "Sounds from Within' Debut Full-length album released in the spring of 2002. 2005 - "Circlin' Around the Sun' EP, which has 7 previously unreleased live & studio tracks. The Woods first formed when Erdmann (Guitar, Lead Vocalist), Douglas (Bass & Vocals), & Velpel (Guitar, Vocals, and Keyboards) hooked up with drummer (Lynch) in 2001. The three previously had been writing songs together for more than five years and (Lynch) was the element they had been looking for. All members write, play & sing well with each other to bring mellifluous melodies & harmonies to their music. The Woods have composed over 40 quality original songs since forming in 2001. As an improvisational driven band, The Woods have been gaining popularity all over by continuing to diversify their sound with members switching to keyboard, mandolin, congas and other instruments during a performance or in the studio. The Woods love the fun of performing & improvisation!

1.1 Prelude
1.2 Wall of Shadows
1.3 Sunset World
1.4 Let's Get Together
1.5 Island Groove
1.6 The Barn
1.7 Mr. Badass
1.8 Seaside Symphony
1.9 Sunset World (Reprise)
1.10 Techno Prisoners
1.11 Weight of the Moon
1.12 Inoitome=2X
2.1 Ogallala
2.2 Folsom Prison Blues
2.3 Spiders on the Wall
2.4 Tides of Thomas
2.5 The Lonesome Road
2.6 Tuesday's Hymn

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