The Worthless Son-in-Laws

The Worthless Son-in-Laws: No. 8 Wire

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Title: No. 8 Wire
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Basic description: Alt.Indie-rock from the mountains of Western North Carolina. The Worthless Son-In-Laws blend truck-driving rockers with pastoral daydream soundtracks and meditative, melody-laden pop songs. Press: 'The Worthless Son-In-Laws fuse their laid-back roots sound with the jangle-pop sounds of NC band the dB's and Chris Stamey, while also recalling Son Volt and possibly a hint of the Decemberists.'--Shout Magazine 'One of the High Country's premiere alternative country bands.'--Mountain Times Bio: The Worthless Son-In-Laws are a Boone, North Carolina-based band formed and baptized with their grammatically incorrect moniker in the wee hours of 2004. They play Appalachian Mountain Indie-Rock, which, translated into bio-mash-up language, means it's like XTC sharing a VW mini-bus with Ryan Adams, reading copies of A Separate Peace, All Quiet on the Western Front, and old Mad magazines that they borrowed from Wilco. Or early REM siamese-twinned with Lynyrd Skynyrd for a revisioning of the Dazed and Confused soundtrack. Or Joni Mitchell ghostwriting the autobiography of Little Feat. Jimmy Davidson (acoustic guitar/vocals) and Rob Brown (electric guitar/vocals) write songs about t-shirt shops, Mississippi highways, weddings, and antique televisions. Jimmy draws from his work experiences and flips through Bryan Garner's Dictionary of Modern American Usage for inspiration, while Rob's muse is his latent desire to be a truck driver (he is, in truth, a university professor). Jimmy used to play toy drums and acoustic guitar with songwriter Vic Chesnutt. Rich Crepeau (bass guitar, PhD) plays bass and writes a sinister country-punk number his own self now and then. And, he's on the Boone Board of Adjustment. The Worthless Son-In-Laws played at Merlefest 2007. Merlefest music director Claire Armbruster wrote on the Merlefest discussion boards: "I think that the hot new bands for 2007 [include]...The Worthless Son-In-Laws....They've all just knocked my socks off." There was no mention of the suitcase full of unmarked bills. The Son-in-Laws also play around the Carolinas and sometimes in Tennessee. They have a new CD called "No. 8 Wire" which was recorded with Mitch Easter and an old CD called 'Sort of Back to Having a Life.' Band Members: Jimmy Davidson: vocals, acoustic guitar Rob Brown: electric guitar, vocals Rich Crepeau: bass guitar Dave Brewer: drums Additional musicians on No. 8 Wire: Mitch Easter: electric guitar Melissa Reaves: violin.

1.1 All Your Might
1.2 Not That Far
1.3 And Now for the Good News
1.4 Things You Say
1.5 The Luddite
1.6 Origin
1.7 New York Times
1.8 Francesca the Field of Flowers in Our House
1.9 Still Life with Cake
1.10 Waffle Joint
1.11 Last July
1.12 My Pocketknife Says "Life Is Strange..."

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