Theda Phoenix: Crystal Calm

Theda Phoenix: Crystal Calm
Title: Crystal Calm
Label: CD Baby

An hour of blissful relaxation, perfect for massage, meditation, yoga, connecting with a lover or just winding down to sleep. Theda Phoenix's breathy, hauntingly sensual vocals combined with an intoxicating blend of gentle crystal and tibetan bowls, natural sounds of water and supported by a soft ambient pad creates a soothing soundscape that takes you beyond the mind and into a transcendent state of blissful surrender. Recorded using binaural microphones with Sam Ryan of SOS Music, Vancouver, BC. Quartz Silica Crystal Singing Bowls are used as powerful healing tools that move energy and entrain brainwaves, creating deeply altered, relaxed and meditative states. Crystal Bowls interact with consciousness. We invite you to set an intention when listening or take a deep relaxing breath and enjoy the essence of this recording, a sense of space, peace, timeless bliss, renewal, and connectedness. For full 3D effect, listen through headphones and this binaural recording will be perceived as true 3 dimensional surround sound. Due to the powerful resonance and frequencies of the Crystal Bowls, it is recommended to play at slightly softer volumes for optimal effect.

1.1 Crystal Calm
1.2 Formless Bliss
1.3 Soothing River
1.4 Restless Calm
1.5 Tranquil Shores

Theda Phoenix: Crystal Calm

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