Theocracy: Ghost Ship

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Theocracy

Artist: Theocracy
Title: Ghost Ship
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double vinyl LP pressing. 2016 album from the melodic metal band. Featuring 10 powerful new songs that showcase the epic, heavy and melodic sound the band is known for, Ghost Ship is the follow-up to 2011's As the World Bleeds and 2013's self-titled debut remix. With Ghost Ship, Theocracy perfects the lively and fully-realized sound of the previous album, delivering muscular and streamlined tracks that never lose focus and combine for one memorable journey. You like midtempo singalong anthems? Try the title track. Thrashy rhythms and intensity? "The Wonder of It All" should be to your liking. Emotional ballads with huge melodic hooks? Go "Around the World and Back." Or if you prefer epic, progressive tracks that do all these things and more, 10-minute album closer "Easter" is sure to be a favorite. Each song on Ghost Ship stands alone and has a unique signature, but every moment sounds unmistakably like Theocracy. Theocracy started life as a one-man project by Matt Smith in Athens, Ga., though their style has more in common with their European contemporaries than with most of their U.S. counterparts. Characterized by huge choruses, epic arrangements and progressive elements, Theocracy's music is both immediate and deep, managing to be instantly catchy and memorable, yet revealing new levels of intricacy and depth with each subsequent listen.

1.1 Paper Tiger
1.2 Ghost Ship
1.3 The Wonder of It All
1.4 Wishing Well
1.5 Around the World and Back
1.6 Stir the Embers
1.7 A Call to Arms
1.8 Currency in a Bankrupt World
1.9 Castaway
1.10 Easter

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