Theresa Miele: I Am Not Your Puzzle to Solve

Theresa Miele: I Am Not Your Puzzle to Solve
Title: I Am Not Your Puzzle to Solve
Label: CD Baby

Theresa Miele is a singer/songwriter with a uniquely introspective style. Having grown up in a small Midwestern town, she has lived on both coasts and many places in between. A philosopher and a curious observer, Theresa weaves her diverse life experiences into a crazy quilt of musical jaunts. Unwilling to limit herself to a singular genre, Miele goes from sensitive melodic rock to harder edged techno pop and back again-- with an occasional detour into folk and alt country. When asked about the inspiration for her music, Theresa writes: 'I love a song that has something to say, and if it can be said with a hauntingly beautiful melody, so much the better. My tunes have been called disarmingly straightforward, and every attempt is made to keep contrived angst at a minimum. All woe and suffering gleaned from the lyrical content is 99% authentic. On the other hand, any wit or humor ascertained is strictly synthetic.'

1.1 Less Than
1.2 Too Emotional
1.3 Metrosexual
1.4 These Walls
1.5 Moody Moody Guitar Boy
1.6 I Am Not Your Puzzle to Solve
1.7 Everyone's a Loser
1.8 Darkly Slanted
1.9 You'll Never Know
1.10 Addicted to Love
1.11 Nothin' to Believe in

Theresa Miele: I Am Not Your Puzzle to Solve

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