Theresa Tremmel: Harp of the Heart

Theresa Tremmel: Harp of the Heart
Title: Harp of the Heart
Label: CD Baby

Theresa Tremmel writes music for the harp and piano to lift the spirit and to make a place for peace and relaxation for music lovers in a busy world. TAXI says, '...very effective relaxation music, execution soulful and deeply felt...the few elements here that are not harp are well chosen--evoking an other worldly quality.' This alblum has original music for harp and strings or piano and strings, with three arrangements of beloved folk melodies. The lovely melody, Shenandoah, especially lends itself to the beauty of the harp. Theresa strives for memorable melodies in lyrical gentle music that can be used for massage, times of reflection, rest and renewal, and any time you need an aid to relax, rest, and renew.

1.1 Harp of the Heart
1.2 Evening at Eagle Creek
1.3 On the Natchez Trace
1.4 Sand and Sea
1.5 Celtic Meditation One
1.6 Forest Path
1.7 First Snow
1.8 Gateway
1.9 Shenandoah
1.10 Celtic Meditation Two
1.11 Lonesome Valley
1.12 October Wind
1.13 Twilight Dance
1.14 Wondrous Love
1.15 Calm Vista

Theresa Tremmel: Harp of the Heart

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