Thick Pigeon: Miranda Dali + Singles

Thick Pigeon: Miranda Dali + Singles
Title: Miranda Dali + Singles
Label: LTM

LTM are pleased to announce the CD reissue of the classic second album from New York avant-pop duopoly Thick Pigeon originally released by Les Disques du Crepuscule in 1991. Again a collaboration between songwriter/vocalist Stanton Miranda & arranger/producer Carter Burwell the album Miranda Dali offers up ten object lessons in oblique pop-art genius. A mood of unsettling drama is present throughout with Miranda's surreal lyrics set against a deceptively 'soft' musical landscape (Dali ag.

1.1 Riding
1.2 Amerika
1.3 One
1.4 Breathe
1.5 Bird
1.6 Gerty
1.7 L.D
1.8 Angels
1.9 Wrong
1.10 St. G
1.11 Subway
1.12 Sudan
1.13 Tracy + Pansy
1.14 Dog
1.15 Jess + Bart
1.16 Silhouettes
1.17 Woodentop Talk
1.18 Jingle Bell Rock
1.19 Jess + Bart (Mix)
1.20 Sudan (Acoustic)

Thick Pigeon: Miranda Dali + Singles

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