Thieves Like Us

Thieves Like Us: Play Music

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Artist: Thieves Like Us

Artist: Thieves Like Us
Title: Play Music

2009 release. Thieves Like Us is a musical vehicle - an elegant starship, pointed straight to the heart of the listener. Although they encompass a variety of influences, they ultimately consider themselves to be a Pop band. Yes, the production style is both Disco and Hip Hop, but the sheer strength of the melodies and emotional depth of the songs makes them classics (think LCD Sound system, New Order, Daft Punk and Digitalism).

1.1 Program of the First Part
1.2 Drugs in My Body
1.3 Fass
1.4 An Easy Tonight
1.5 Lady
1.6 Program of the Second Part
1.7 Your Heart Feels
1.8 Miss You
1.9 Desire
1.10 Headlong Into Night
1.11 Sugar and Song

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