Thine Eyes

Thine Eyes: My Knobs Taste Funny

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Thine Eyes

Title: My Knobs Taste Funny
Label: CD Baby

Thine Eyes formed in 1991 when Laird Sheldahl and Tanner Volz, two shaggy-headed blondes attending the University of Oregon, exchanged tapes and found the makings of a collaborative fit. We spent the next several years at Future Music Oregon under the guidance of atonal-composer and computer-music-extremist Dr. Jeffrey Stolet. This time brought a cinematic tone to the ethereal and industrial music of our youth. It also brought our third member, (and sole red-head) Rian Callahan. We released two CD's as 'Thine Eyes' though Portland, OR's, Doppler Effect records. 'Christian Sex Loops' and 'My Knobs Taste Funny' document our transition from not-quite-being-industrial to definitely-being-an'Intelligent Dance Music' band. Since the new millennium, we've been writing tons of music, playing live, and have changed our band name to 'ML'.

1.1 ML Theme
1.2 Sissy Punch
1.3 Moralin Transpiration (Suspicion Breeds Confidence Mix)
1.4 Prequel (Bent Wookie Mix)
1.5 Mongoloid Mechwarrior (Not Breathing Mix)
1.6 Manalog
1.7 Quality Porn
1.8 Eyes Like Fishwives (Mark Spybey Mix)
1.9 Exhaust (Bent Wookie Mix)
1.10 Steve Bustajammed to the Market
1.11 Vaseline Machine (Scar Tissue Mix)
1.12 My Knobs Taste Funny
1.13 Court (Pain Station Mix)

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