Thomas Anderson

Thomas Anderson: Is This Love

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Artist: Thomas Anderson

Artist: Thomas Anderson
Title: Is This Love

Thomas Anderson is an unstoppable creative force who has survived Los Angeles and DreamWorks Publishing to return to the East Coast with his excellent debut CD, 'Is This Love', the title track of which has been used in programming by MTV (8th and Ocean), ABC (Beautiful People), CBS (Shark), and is now being featured in promos for the much anticipated Lifetime TV Drama 'Army Wives'. Thomas Anderson has a large eclectic repertoire of original music. His songs have appeared in films and in television shows such as Roswell, Spin City, Boomtown, and Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. His music has also been featured on CD compilations such as the 'ASCAP Ear' and others. In live performances he plays a mean guitar and sings from the heart. Thomas has played venues across the country from the Lincoln Center in New York City to The Sundance Film Festival in Utah. He has played in clubs and independent radio stations in a long and winding list of cities from Los Angeles to Vermont. Thomas has also won ASCAP's coveted Sammy Cahn lyricist award. He is currently recording music for film and television and is working on a debut CD for his band, Ordinary Men. Meanwhile, Thomas Anderson's Debut CD 'Is This Love' is now available. Included on the album is 'Broken Heart', the song that helped Thomas win ASCAP's Sammy Cahn lyricist award. Another track, 'On My Way' was recorded with the help of award winning electronic musicians from the band 'The Supreme beings of Leisure'. Enjoy the CD, and please feel free to email Thomas. He likes it. Is This Love I've been thinking real hard Yeah thinking about you Lately, when I'm all alone It's just about the only thing I do And when I close my eyes in a dream, you are who I see. And when I wake up in the morning I wonder, do you dream of me Is this love... is this love... baby is this... is this love When I'm holding your hand You know it makes me feel good Jut to walk along with you Down the streets of my neighborhood Cause when you're with me baby, this cruel world seems so kind And every time I see you one question... one question comes to mind Is this love... is this love... baby is this... is this love Just take a look at me, and tell me darling what do you see If it ain't love, What could it be Just hold me close to you and let's dance real slow like lovers do As we wonder, could this be true... could it be true We're so up in the air Just dancing on dreams Well it makes me wonder what is really there All I know is the way it seems Is this just wishful thinking baby, are you just playing a game Cause now I'm feeling something please tell me Baby do you feel the same Is this love... is this love... baby is this... is this love Words and Music by Thomas Anderson Bookwalter.

1.1 On My Way
1.2 Holiday
1.3 Therapy
1.4 Give Me More
1.5 Abuser Friendly
1.6 Float Away
1.7 Broken Heart
1.8 Real
1.9 You Surprize Me
1.10 Is This Love

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