Thomas Bergersen: Illusions

Thomas Bergersen: Illusions
Title: Illusions
Label: CD Baby

'Illusions' blends traditional western orchestra and choir with ethnic flavors from around the world, including Bulgarian folk choir, Armenian Duduk, Japanese Shakuhachi, Ney flutes, Irish whistles performed by world re-knowned wind player Chris Bleth, and world class vocal talent from all the corners of the world. Written, arranged and orchestrated by Thomas Bergersen, the man behind the incredibly successful motion picture advertisement music company 'Two Steps From Hell' and best-selling classical album 'Invincible' has spent the last 3 years writing 19 lyrical pieces for orchestra, vocals and choir. 'Illusions' is the hallmark of Thomas Bergersen's musical output and his proudest productions to date. Vocal performances by Merethe Soltvedt, Elitsa Todorova, Kate St. Pierre, Jenifer Thigpen, Colin O'Malley, Vladislava Todorova and more. 'Illusions' also features the magnificient cello work of superstar cellist Tina Guo.

1.1 Aura
1.2 Starvation
1.3 Dreammaker
1.4 Hurt
1.5 Ocean Princess
1.6 Gift of Life
1.7 Rada
1.8 A Place in Heaven
1.9 Merchant Prince
1.10 Promise
1.11 Femme Fatale
1.12 Homecoming
1.13 Immortal
1.14 Remember Me
1.15 Sonera
1.16 Reborn
1.17 Age of Gods
1.18 Illusions
1.19 Soulseeker

Thomas Bergersen: Illusions

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