Thomas Corsaut

Thomas Corsaut: Thief & the Magpie

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Thomas Corsaut

Title: Thief & the Magpie
Label: CD Baby

The Title for the album, was borrowed from an Elvis Costello quote in which he stated 'Every musician is a thief and a magpie.' A statement which influenced and describes the way in which Thomas explores new directions in composition and performance. Each track for the project was approached from a unique perspective. Some songs being influenced by previous projects or ideas, while others were created in an impromptu flurry. Eventually creating a tapestry of music that while varied from song to song has an overall threaded continuity.

1.1 Escape Plan
1.2 Search My Soul
1.3 Inside Out
1.4 Howling at the Moon
1.5 Remains of the Day
1.6 Room 12A
1.7 The Invoking
1.8 Only Slightly Better
1.9 Ultraviolent
1.10 Fraction

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