Thomas La Velle

Thomas La Velle: Red Scare Boogie

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Artist: Thomas La Velle

Artist: Thomas La Velle
Title: Red Scare Boogie

This is an in depth study of Boogie Woogie & Stride as an artform, most of the selections are instrumentals, as was the tradition. 6 of the tracks are just piano, the other 8 are piano & drums.

1.1 Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar
1.2 Pinetop's Strut
1.3 Cow Cow Blues
1.4 St. Louis Blues Boogie
1.5 Six Wheel Chaser
1.6 Honky Tonk Train Blues
1.7 Mr. Freddie Blues
1.8 Harry the Hipster
1.9 Boxcar Boogie
1.10 Boogie Woogie Stomp
1.11 Boogie Count Woogie
1.12 Suitcase Blues
1.13 Red Scare Boogie
1.14 Roll 'Em Pete (Jump for Joy)

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