Thomonic: 2012: 3 Duets & Trios

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Artist: Thomonic

Artist: Thomonic
Title: 2012: 3 Duets & Trios
Product Type: VINYL LP

Thomonic - a man, a bass, and an approach. The musicologist Nico Thom uses this alias to release his musical visions. With his electric bass guitar he philosophises on the musical possibilities of today. On February 1st, 2014 the new record, entitled '2012/3 Duets & Trios EP', will be released. It contains three duets and three trios. Every piece has been recorded with other musicians and instruments (organ, violin, bassoon, bass clarinet, drums, hurdy-gurdy, electric guitar, bagpipe).

1.1 Commuting to Luebeck
1.2 Barbecuing in Hamburg
1.3 Remembering Gera
1.4 Canal Hopping in Amsterdam
1.5 Celebrating in Dresden
1.6 Driving on Tenerife Island

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