Those Left Behind

Those Left Behind: Horror Classics & Other Tributes to the Darkside

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Title: Horror Classics & Other Tributes to the Darkside
Label: CD Baby

Old school Death Metal the way it was meant to be... sheer downtuned brutality with absolutely no seven stringed guitar, triggers or keys! Those Left Behind hail from Norway and formed with the sole purpose of paying tribute to the bands of the past that never got the attention that they deserved. The concept was to create a first album that sounds like a sophomore release from an 80's death metal band, but keeping the primitive intensity that is found on a debut LP. 'Horror Classics And Other Tributes To The Darkside' sucessfully captures the atmosphere of the early extreme metal scene that was full of passion, intensity and excitement. Features original artwork conceived and created by reigning gore master Putrid. Heavily inspired by Autopsy, Immolation, Napalm Death, Sepultura and Classic Horror Films!

1.1 Burned at the Stake in Whitewood, Massachusetts
1.2 A Bottle of Wine and a Bucket of Blood
1.3 I Used to Date Nan Barlow
1.4 Social Sterility
1.5 Open the Casket
1.6 Warriors of Death
1.7 Selektive Serotoninreopptakshemmere
1.8 Carnival of Souls
1.9 Fatal Attraction
1.10 Surfin' USA
1.11 Mutilation Reel

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