Three People

Three People: Craft in Catharsis

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Three People

Title: Craft in Catharsis
Label: CD Baby

Craft in Catharsis is Three People's first full length album, and their first ever release. The thirteen track album is stuffed full of the dynamic musicality and lyric originality that have come to represent the trio over the years. Featuring powerful contributions by some of the group's talented friends, Craft in Catharsis will be sure to draw you in to the warm and inviting yet provocotive company that is Three People. Three People was formed in a small room on a warm night in 2009: three new friends with a little talent, a lot of inspiration, and a piano.? Three years later the band is finishing up it's first release, Craft in Catharsis, and playing shows too often to keep track of. The band is full of multi-instrumentalists who sometimes know how to do nothing better than have a lot of fun. Clay Graham, Ramona Sudbeck, and Austin Warren, along with friends and contributors present an imaginative opus of three years of the bands creativity: Three People's Craft in Catharsis.

1.1 Dear Mr. Ritter
1.2 A Feud
1.3 Blown Away
1.4 Bloody Breathitt
1.5 Fingers of Stone
1.6 If Your Little Heart Is Broken
1.7 Normal Girl Teases Crazy Guy
1.8 Robin Hood
1.9 Coat of Arms
1.10 Angels By the Sea
1.11 Nowhere and Back
1.12 Five Ways to Die
1.13 Glory
2.1 CD in 4-Panel Wallet with Artwork Designed By John Dobson

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