Thunderdikk: Magnum Love

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Thunderdikk

Title: Magnum Love
Label: CD Baby

Rock n roll used to be tough. It was about booze and women and having an appetite for destruction. In these self-aware times, one band will rise above and return rock music to it's partying past. That band is Thunderdikk. Their full length debut, "MAGNUM LOVE," features 13-tracks of sonic debauchery, guaranteed to provide nothing less than hot aural pleasure for even the most discriminating ears. Formed in 2007, Thunderdikk is hell-bent on delivering authentic Hollywood Sleaze Rock to the fun-starved masses. Lead by vocalist Dikk Thunder, Thunderdikk is heavy on sing-alongs, solos, and superhuman feats of rock 'n roll strength. called them "Boner Gods from Planet 1987." With rock n roll in need of a new champion, why would you look anywhere else?

1.1 Magnum Love
1.2 I Am the Thunderfukker
1.3 The Dikk Abides
1.4 Bad Hands
1.5 Bra Off Party on
1.6 Love Fight
1.7 Sister Dolores
1.8 Nightfire
1.9 Route 69
1.10 Hot Zombie Fuck
1.11 Ride My Lightning
1.12 Ocho (The Eighth Wonder of the World)
1.13 My Name Is Dikk

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