Tia Alane

Tia Alane: Come Full Circle

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Artist: Tia Alane

Artist: Tia Alane
Title: Come Full Circle

A recent transplant to Virginia and prior to her move, Tia spent many years in Santa Monica, California. She is an original songwriter who incorporates different genres into her songs and integrates her warm, melodic voice with the personal lyrics about life, love and the pain of loss with which we can all relate. As a child, Tia studied the flute in the classics tradition. During this same period, she began to write songs on the piano and later expanded her songwriting to the guitar. The lyrics and music for her compositions often flow out together, resulting in the completion of the entire work at the same time. She expresses an intensity of emotion in her songs and through her voice which ranges from soft and gentle to strong and deep. Her own diverse cultural background, Japanese, Russian and German, has influenced her musical interests, leading to her study of the taiko, Japanese drum, with Koshin, the Los Angeles based taiko group. In addition, she plays the hammered dulcimer, bass and keyboards, all of which she uses to enhance her music. The melodies are central to the music she writes, and the lyrics share with the listener her personal experiences of relationships and loss. Tia has been influenced by many artists over the years, including Joni Mitchell, Sheryl Crow and Eva Cassidy.

1.1 Spoke
1.2 Nobody
1.3 Swim
1.4 Chance
1.5 One Day
1.6 Last Goodbye
1.7 Watching the Cars Go By
1.8 Taking Photographs
1.9 Settle Down
1.10 Circle
1.11 The Key

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