Megan Tibbits

Megan Tibbits: When Life Is So

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Megan Tibbits

Title: When Life Is So
Label: CD Baby

Ma Cherie, describes the comfort of a place that knows you. That place that stays the same as you keep coming back to it changed...joyful...contemplative...struggling....older. This place for me is my tree. I describe walking with my tree (personifying my ultimate state of comfortability and freedom) down one of my favorite streets on a brisk autumn day. My tree's leaves are changing colors, but so are mine, my dear. Sticking Around is a slightly ironic and jazzy depiction of a person's claim to be 'over it'....but as the song progresses one could realize that the fact that the person is still singing the song means he or she is clearly not over it. Summer Day is just as it is...inspired by my beautiful backyard in Caro, Michigan. Warm sun. Slight breeze. The epitome of perfection. Josiah's Song uses the hammered dulcimer and the marimbula to speak a feisty word to those certain men in the world who think they are God's gift to women. From You to Me and Beautiful Hands leave it up to you, the listener, to decide what it means. The peaceful harp, piano, and guitar lines provide a canvas for your picture to fit perfectly on. Please paint on it.

1.1 Ma Cherie
1.2 Sticking Around
1.3 Summer Day
1.4 Josiah's Song
1.5 From You to Me
1.6 Beautiful Hands

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