Tideland: Asleep in the Graveyard

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Tideland

Title: Asleep in the Graveyard
Label: Robotic Empire
Product Type: VINYL LP

Tideland is a grunge / punk rock three-piece from Sterling, Virginia-the same cauldron of suburban wretchedness that birthed the members' previous bands Pg.99, Sail and Pizza. Their debut LP Asleep in the Graveyard is a hazy, melodic sonic assault with caustic vocals pouring like poison syrup over eleven songs of grungy / poppy punk. Catchy yet dirty, the album walks a tightrope between digestible and destructive.

1.1 Braindead on the Interstate
1.2 Mucked Out Heart
1.3 Defect
1.4 Crash
1.5 Badness 10000
1.6 South of Point of Rocks
1.7 Crush
1.8 Devil Behind Doors
1.9 Red Coats and Foxes
1.10 Terror Monger
1.11 Hell Is Above Me

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