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Tiffany Dawn: This Is Who I Am

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Artist: Tiffany Dawn

Title: This Is Who I Am
Label: CD Baby

About the CD: These songs revolve around the theme of identity. Each track is a landmark on my journey from who I was to who I have become, from the faceless to the maskless, from the perfect facade to the imperfect reality. Along the way I have learned many things about love and life, but the greatest discovery has been whose I am, because that defines who I am. Tiffany Dawn means appearance, or awakening, (Dawn) of the manifestation of God (Tiffany). As you listen to the following songs of a beautiful brokenness, I pray you will glimpse Whose I am, and that it would awaken your heart to find whose you are. Tiffany Dawn Short Bio: In a media-saturated world that clamors for teens and young adults to find their identity in fashion, beauty, romantic relationships and social popularity, Tiffany Dawn is sharing how she found freedom and confidence in Christ's unconditional love. Her message is a unique blend of lyrical piano melodies and stories from her own intimate battle for self-esteem and acceptance, which she calls 'The Insatiable Quest for Beauty'™ Seminar. Tiffany is a 2007 graduate of Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY (where she received her bachelor's degree in music), and is a current graduate student at Nazareth College of Rochester studying Music Therapy while working in Residential Life. -Bio written by Leah Stacy & Tiffany Dawn All About Tiffany Dawn: A sign outside the lecture room reads "Girls Only," and soft piano melodies slip through the closed double doors. Inside the room, 24 year old Tiffany Dawn is sharing her story with a gathering of girls and young women. At first glance, Tiffany appears like many other 20-somethings of her generation, from her bootcut jeans to her long, wavy brunette locks. But then, she speaks - and it's quite clear that she is different. Her story is one shared by many young women: a battle for self-esteem and acceptance in a media-saturated world that clamors for girls to find their identity in fashion, beauty, romantic relationships and social popularity. For three years, Tiffany was engulfed in a sea of obsession over her image until she found freedom in Christ's unconditional love and realized that she didn't have to be perfect in order to be loved. Tiffany grew up in Clifton Park, just outside of Albany, NY, as the oldest of five children. Mom sold books on eBay and homeschooled Tiffany and her siblings from kindergarten through 12th grade, while Dad managed his own global solutions company. The flexibility of homeschooling left Tiffany with ample time to pursue her passions (such as making home movies with her siblings, writing and reading lots of British literature). She "wrote" her first song in her grandmother's kitchen on a Sunday in 1993 - a catchy little melody she called 'Strawberry Patch" - and taught herself to play the piano (she's still convinced that playing on the black keys always sounds better). By the age of 11, she was giving $1 piano lessons to her friends. At 15 years old, she began working with the Albany-based Alpha Pregnancy Care Center. Through this volunteer position, Tiffany visited local schools and spoke to her peers about the importance of abstinence. The two year experience was the first spark in her desire to minister to young women and girls. In 2007, fourteen years after concocting "Strawberry Patch," Tiffany graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY with her bachelor of arts in music and a certificate in piano pedagogy and began sharing her message with young women in coffee shops and at local colleges and conferences. Through her seminar, "The Insatiable Quest for Beauty" (TM), Tiffany blends music, storytelling and preaching to deliver her authentic, personal message to listeners - both male and female. To date, she has spoken and/or performed special music in Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand and multiple states along the Eastern Coast. Her music is an effortless marriage of the classical training she received while at Roberts and the up-and-coming indie styles of the Christian music scene. Her lyrics fly straight from the pages of a young woman's private journal, at times honest, vulnerable and heart wrenching. If you look under Tiffany's interests on Facebook, you're going to find 'Jesus.' Her prayer is that she would always be willing to go anywhere the Lord calls her, whether that be sharing her story from a stage or working a 9-5 desk job and simply loving the people around her. Tiffany is currently obtaining a master's degree in music therapy while she works as an area director in Residential Life at Nazareth College, a private liberal arts school located in the birthplace of garbage plates and Wegmans grocery stores (otherwise known as Rochester, NY). In addition to her big kid job at Naz and her seminar travels, Tiffany is writing a book, 'The Insatiable Quest for Beauty' (TM), and recording her first full length album so that her listeners have something tangible to take away from her seminar. After she spends a few years touring, Tiffany plans to settle down (maybe in a house with a white picket fence and a few lilac bushes) and use her music therapy degree to help victims of eating disorders. - Bio by Leah Stacy.

1.1 Mask
1.2 Someday
1.3 Get Out of My Head
1.4 This Is Beauty
1.5 Giving in
1.6 Who Will Go
1.7 Dust
1.8 Empty Hands
1.9 Awakening
1.10 This Is Who I Am
1.11 Song in My Heart

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