Tiger Lillies: Cockatoo Prison

Tiger Lillies: Cockatoo Prison
Title: Cockatoo Prison
Label: Misery Guts

2011 release. The Tiger Lillies were commissioned to create a song cycle of crime for the 17th Biennale of Sydney in May 2010. Here we present to you a collection of some of the darkest songs they have ever made, stories of societies most vilified and despised individuals stating their case for the world to judge. A former prison and shipyard, Cockatoo Island retains many remnants of it's past. It's prison buildings have been nominated for World Heritage listing, along with other convict sites around Australia. Crimes against humanity, beast and God, terrible acts that arouse fury and confusion in the public at large. From the mundane to the horrific. Tried and convicted they may be, but what drove them to these acts? Can any of US ever say we have not harbored some violent impulse that we nearly acted upon? Misery Guts Music.

1.1 Molester of Minors
1.2 Rapist
1.3 Murderers Are King
1.4 Baby Killer
1.5 Junkie
1.6 Shit Terrorist
1.7 Paedophile
1.8 Pimp
1.9 Necrophiliac
1.10 Family Killer
1.11 Cannibal
1.12 Gangster
1.13 Car Thief
1.14 Arsonist
1.15 Behind Baa's
1.16 Con Man

Tiger Lillies: Cockatoo Prison

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