Tilbury: Execution

Tilbury: Execution
Title: Execution
Label: Radio Bongo
Product Type: VINYL LP

What is a groove? It is something that goes on and on, not changing much seemingly, like the growth rings exposed when you cut and fell a tree. It is no coincidence that tree rings resemble the spiral track of a record: they're both grooves of a sort. A groove is a routine, a life lived. It may not always seem like much - a cup of bitter coffee, another day spent under the flickering fluorescent lights of an office, an overly long queue at the check-out of a suffocating supermarket. But it is also the scent of slightly burnt meat and birch by a gently flowing stream under a pink sunset, a silver fog clearing without notice to expose a starry sky and it's familiar twinkling constellations, an impenetrable smile on a crowded morning train. It is the pattern exposed on the tree stump. A proper groove has ups and downs, it has drama. A good groove is a good story, a transmission into the future. Vinyl release only; Edition to 250.

1.1 Tilbury Drama (Lapb Extended Version) - Tilbury
1.2 Tilbury Transmission (Lapb Extended Version) - Tilbury

Tilbury: Execution

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