Charron Tim

Charron Tim: Unplugged

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Charron Tim

Title: Unplugged
Label: CD Baby

The Tim Charron Band is an energetic pop/arena rock group with new country flavor. Picture Zac Brown Band, Bon Jovi, Tom Petty and Kenny Chesney in a blender with some sea salt and a twist of lime :) Review from The MIAMI NEWTIMES Newspaper (By Abel Folgar, Fri., Jun. 18 2010 @ 10:19am) Opening with a cover of Kid Rock's 'All Summer Long,' he quickly matches wits with his original 'Roadside Road.' He does a sweet rendition of the Ryan Adams, U2 and Tim McGraw tune 'When the Stars Go Blue' that I prefer over the original. He then sets up another juxtaposition of his own with 'Back in the Day' before claiming Coldplay's 'Yellow' as his own. He saves the curveball for the last batter with a jovial interpretation of Sublime's 'What I Got,' which again betrays his makeup and the fact that the fun he had recording these songs was genuine and pure. Review from - The Key West Citizen Newspaper Tim Charron's' 'Unplugged' album is a roadtrip set to music : 'The Rock & Roll Gypsy' isn't about to settle down in one place. The road supplies the indie rocker with an endless supply of material, turning his concerts and albums into travelogues with soaring, catchy choruses.'I write a lot about my life and right now that centers on exploring, traveling, meeting new fans/friends, becoming immersed in the local culture ' Think Anthony Bourdain with a guitar.

1.1 All Summer Long
1.2 Roadside Road
1.3 When the Sun Goes Down
1.4 Come Knockin
1.5 When the Stars Go Blue
1.6 Back in the Day
1.7 Yellow
1.8 Beautiful Storm
1.9 Whiskey Drinkin Song
1.10 What I Got

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