Tim Farrell

Tim Farrell: Cascadia

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Artist: Tim Farrell

Artist: Tim Farrell
Title: Cascadia

Fingerstyle guitarist Tim Farrell writes 'memorable melody lines that go beyond technique,' says Billboard magazine. John Diliberto the host of Echoes Radio says 'Tim Farrell brings a melodic sensibility to his compositions that makes him stand apart from most of the fingerstyle crowd.' Carla Van Dyke, a New Jersey radio personality said Tim's music conveys 'Uncommonly beautiful guitar playing in it's delicacy and power ... I say it is Five Star Gourmet Guitar Listening'. Tim's song 'Rosewood Alley' won 1st Place Best Instrumental in the 7th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards. Included on Cascadia is another of Tim's compositional gems 'Kindred Spirits' which was a finalist in the 9th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards. The music on Cascadia is beautifully augmented by the uniquely creative bass playing of Michael Manring and the palette of piano colorings of Pat Robinson.

1.1 Road to Cascadia
1.2 Walk Away Renee / Over Your Shoulder
1.3 Internal Equinox
1.4 Mi Casa Tu Casa
1.5 A Little Birdie Told Me
1.6 Slap a Diddley Bop
1.7 Hearts Content
1.8 Kindred Spirits
1.9 A Ping in the Universe
1.10 Off the Cuff
1.11 Cascades

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