Tim Friesen: Songs from a Life

Tim Friesen: Songs from a Life
Title: Songs from a Life
Label: CD Baby

'Songs From a Life' is a contemporary Christian album filled with deep, meaningful lyrics from a lifelong songwriter that has finally had the chance to present his music to the world. The album covers a wide variety of styles, from the upbeat, pop feel of 'Psalm 139', to the country-flavored 'Engraved' to the deep, inspirational and emotional 'I Am My Father's'. Friesen's music is all about what is important about life; Family, faith, and the things that last for eternity. His rich, baritone voice is enhanced by terrific harmonies and instrumentation that is piano driven, but not piano dominated. 'The music I've written is all about my walk and my struggles in life, and as a result, I think it's a message that just about everyone can relate to. We all have peaks and valleys in our walk, and the songs God has given to me speaks to that.

1.1 Engraved
1.2 The Name of Jesus
1.3 Godspeed
1.4 Blind
1.5 Psalm 139 (Can't Escape Your Love)
1.6 For Eternity's Sake
1.7 Everyday
1.8 I Am My Father's
1.9 When He Is in Your Heart
1.10 A New Hallelujah

Tim Friesen: Songs from a Life

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