Tim Hein

Tim Hein: Along the Banks of the Delaware

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Artist: Tim Hein

Artist: Tim Hein
Title: Along the Banks of the Delaware

The songs on 'Along the Banks of the Delaware' are linked by some common thread. Struggle, and the effort to overcome it, permeates throughout the stories told by Tim Hein. Recorded in the summer of 2013 in Philadelphia, Tim's first full-length album features music that reflects his own experiences and observations as a young man and high school teacher during the height of economic recession.

1.1 Push on Through
1.2 Out of My Mind
1.3 Games We Play
1.4 Veteran
1.5 Stand in the Light
1.6 Farewell Wilmington
1.7 The Only Reason Why I Came
1.8 Beneath the Surface

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