Tim Janakos

Tim Janakos: Beginning Is Here

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Artist: Tim Janakos

Artist: Tim Janakos
Title: Beginning Is Here

Prolific, singer/song writer and musician, with over 50-plus songs to his name, this new CD, 'The Beginning is Here' will prove to be the most daring CD Tim Janakos has released to date. His visionary lyrics that afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted, with master arrangements and mixing by the musical genius, Remi Desroques of Wave Reader Productions are sure to delight any audience. The CD jumps from Hard Rock to Acoustic Ballads, and even to Reggae-a taste of many genres in one musical delight of a CD. Tim has been writing songs for many years and they just keep getting better and better. He has won many music contests and he will win many more in the future. Come hear why many radio stations around the world have already feature many of his songs on their shows and why the podcast world has been spreading his music to all corners of the world for many years.

1.1 It's All Up to You
1.2 I Am Love! ()
1.3 Rise Above
1.4 At Times Like This
1.5 Believed-To-Be-Linked-To-Al-Qaeda?
1.6 Come Alive
1.7 Open Your Eyes
1.8 Sachi Says
1.9 Austerity Psychosis
1.10 Chasing Butterflies

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