Tim Snider: Delmar Sessions

Tim Snider: Delmar Sessions
Title: Delmar Sessions
Label: CD Baby

Recording this EP is something I've always wanted to do. Being a songwriter for a band like Sol'Jibe, there is always a level of collaboration involved, which I love. However, you're always thinking about the other players in the group and how to write so everyone's styles and strengths can be heard, and sometimes your initial vision gets lost. This was my first opportunity to really see an idea through to the end exactly how I imagined it in my head. I really feel like it sounds like me! There was no one to impress and no pressure to prove myself. I truly feel that I captured the moment and the emotions of each song to the best of my ability. In short, I wanted to make an honest record, and I feel proud to say that I think I accomplished that! I named it 'The Delmar Sessions' for two reasons: The first and practical explanation is that I live on Delmar St., where most of the album was recorded. The second and more artistic explanation is because of my love affair with the ocean. 'Del Mar' is Spanish for 'Of the Sea,' and even though I call Reno home I have been extremely fortunate to spend a lot of time traveling and surfing in coastal areas and that has inspired me in a way that I think you will hear in my music. The upper two photos on the album are from Bali, Indonesia. The one on the left is of three local kids charging out to the water to surf on broken boards with no fins. I was amazed--but not entirely surprised--to find that they were better surfers than most! The bottom two are some of my favorite shots from Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

1.1 Gotta Have Love
1.2 It's Always Better
1.3 Earth and Sea
1.4 Breathe Deep
1.5 Remember
1.6 Keep on

Tim Snider: Delmar Sessions

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