Tim Sublette: Minor Details (Acoustic Guitar Scenes)

Tim Sublette: Minor Details (Acoustic Guitar Scenes)
Title: Minor Details (Acoustic Guitar Scenes)
Label: CD Baby

How does a trained pick style guitar player go temporarily insane and end up making a finger style CD? It can help to break your right leg so that you have to play off of your left leg. Finding the large steel string guitar too cumbersome against your cast, could lead you to pick up that old classical guitar given to you for your high school graduation. Being too difficult to limp back over to get your pick, you give up and use your fingers. One thing leads to another and despite the minor details you find you have enough material for a CD. As with may guitarists, years were spent studying the flat picking masters - bluegrass wizards such as: Rice, Skaggs, Crary; Jazz idols like the 3M's - Matheny, Martino, Montgomery. However, my finger style was limited. I did study some ragtime and old style blues playing while in school in Boston, MA, but technique left something to the imagination. For this CD, I married the chord melody playing from my jazz studies with a bit of my somewhat unorthodox finger style. The result is a bit of a hybrid mix. Most could be played with pick and fingers, but I chose fingers only for this setting. Tim Sublette has played in numerous country, bluegrass, jazz and pop groups over the last 30+ years. He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music. He currently resides in Smithville, MO with his wife and 2 children, where he owns and operates Smithville Music Studio. Tim is also an active arranger, composer, solo guitarist, and instructor. Current projects are a companion book for 'Minor Details' and a guitar method.

1.1 And I Love Her - Tim Sublette, Lennon
1.2 Deep Night - Tim Sublette, Henderson
1.3 Round Midnight - Tim Sublette, Monk
1.4 The Shadow of Your Smile - Tim Sublette, Mandel
1.5 Shenandoah - Tim Sublette, Traditional
1.6 In a Sentimental Mood - Tim Sublette, Ellington
1.7 MT Funny Valentine - Tim Sublette, Rogers
1.8 Vincent - Tim Sublette, McClean
1.9 Semi-Suite: Before/Emotion/Funhouse Mirrors - Tim Sublette, Sublette, Tim

Tim Sublette: Minor Details (Acoustic Guitar Scenes)

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