Times New Viking: Dancer Equired

Times New Viking: Dancer Equired
Title: Dancer Equired
Label: Merge Records

DANCER EQUIRED is a return to the hive, even if the records creation was out of their usual boundaries. It's is a new chapter, sure to attract an entirely new audience of intrigued listeners while keeping old Times New Viking fans perfectly satiated by not abandoning those early ideals.

1.1 It's a Culture
1.2 Ever Falling in Love
1.3 No Room to Live
1.4 Try Harder
1.5 California Roll
1.6 Ways to Go
1.7 New Vertical Dwellings
1.8 Downtown Eastern Bloc
1.9 More Rumours
1.10 Don't Go to Liverpool
1.11 Fuck Her Tears
1.12 Want to Exist
1.13 Somebody's Slave
1.14 No Good

Times New Viking: Dancer Equired

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