Timescape: Strange

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Timescape

Title: Strange
Label: CD Baby

Silence stops - strange sounds surface Submerging once again to prove that progressive music does not have to sound like Yes, Genesis, Rush, Dream Theater or any other band of your choice labelled as progressive rock/metal. Timescape continue to explore vast musical soundscapes with their latest release 'strange'. An album filled with songs. An album filled with thoughtful lyrics. Simply an album with lots of soul. Songs filled with melodies, songs full of fresh ideas, sonic soundscapes seldom found in this genre, complex but never overplayed. Timescape was formed five years ago and managed to release one 3-track EP and two full-length albums with strange being their latest effort. Set on a mission to do music they really wanted to, having no limits, no boundaries... whatsoever. The only common link between the five band-members musically is that of hardrock. The rest is just one big melting pot of influences ranging from classical through musicals, into the realms of jazz, grabbing a bit of pop and 60's psychadelica on the way, diving straight into 70's prog and art-rock, reaching out a hand for 80's electronica and then slicing a small piece of 90's loop-based rock, and finally adding a bunch of great songs on top of that. That's what timescape is all about. Great songs, no matter where they travel or which musical landscapes they choose to explore. The song in focus has always been the main goal, even in their longer, more epic and progressive works. Unlike contemporary mainstream music that is instantly likeable and often almost as instantly forgettable, the music of timescape stays with you and demands more than one listen. The band: Anders Berlin - drums, percussion, samples, loops, programming and various noises. Johan Berlin - rhythm guitar, samples, programming and backing vocals. Johan Erixon - bass guitar and backing vocals. Kerim Kalkan - lead and rhythm guitars. Mikael Moberg - lead and backing vocals. Strange - The album The album that You are about to hear was composed and recorded over a two-year period of time with rehearsals and pre-production being done in Norrköping and the actual recording in Bjärnum, a small town in southern Sweden. The album itself deals with the human mind and human emotions and what we feel at certain times in our lives. Hopefully these lyrics deal with subjects that most people can relate to at one time or another in their own lives, at least that's what the band hope for. Music is first and foremost a way of expressing one self and this is Timescape's way of expressing themselves and they hope that You can share some of their thoughts and hopefully that they can touch you and that you can relate to this, or maybe you just think these are good rockin' tunes, then that's o.k. as well ! Hope you have a pleasant listen. All The Best timescape.

1.1 Falling
1.2 Castles of Sand
1.3 Hell Freezes Over
1.4 Moontower
1.5 Watching Over You
1.6 ... And
1.7 Looking for a Miracle
1.8 Crossroad
1.9 Stranger in the Mirror
1.10 I'm Your Nothing
1.11 Adayin@Life

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