Timo Laine

Timo Laine: Guitar Works Special Edition

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Timo Laine

Title: Guitar Works Special Edition
Label: CD Baby

Timo Laine, who is known world wide as the guitarist who put guitar synthesis on the map, is back at it again with a new ear full of surprises.The new CD, "Guitar Works" Special Edition covers material very much in the style you would expect from Joe Satriani, but with more synthesizer running parallel with straight guitar. Very cool, and also very different and refreshing. The guitar tones vary as much as the synthesizers. Overdrive, shredding, clean, funky, jazzy, acoustic, and classical, you name it, tone changes galore. Couple that with two sets of guitar synthesizers, (a secret) and you have a feast for the musical buffet.

1.1 Surfing the Clouds
1.2 Evolution, Pt. 2
1.3 Age Old Story, Pt. 2
1.4 Sara
1.5 Sun Rise
1.6 Lead Works
1.7 Hunter, Pt. 2
1.8 Double 0
1.9 Humans
1.10 On the Moon

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