Timothy Bowman

Timothy Bowman: Never Let You Go

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Artist: Timothy Bowman

Artist: Timothy Bowman
Title: Never Let You Go

Masterful musicianship, discerning lyrics, and a renewed faith in the power of love and music are all the components found in this CD that will keep you listening long after the hurrah of the Top 40 fades. Tim Bowman offers 13 songs on this CD that will take you away from the craziness and remind you what life is really all about. He composes, performs and produces each song with a seasoned attention to detail that delivers something new each time you listen.

1.1 Over and Over
1.2 To See An Angel
1.3 We Got Us
1.4 Never Let You Go
1.5 Swear My Love
1.6 A Girl Like You
1.7 Sea Me
1.8 Everytime It Rains
1.9 Lost in the Love of You
1.10 When You Change Your Mind
1.11 Invisible Strings
1.12 Circles
1.13 T\X96Boppin

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