Timothy Scott

Timothy Scott: 1/2 Wiccan & 1/2 Miz Thang

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Artist: Timothy Scott

Artist: Timothy Scott
Title: 1/2 Wiccan & 1/2 Miz Thang

I write songs about the human condition,mainly love and the wonders of life...The songs are personal,intense at times,heavy on lyrics and melodies,and well produced in a studio....Instruments include acoustic/electric guitar,violin,flute,dobro,banjo,mandolin,bass,drum set and ethnic drums...Male lead voice with female harmonies by the SISTERS of California,USA( songramp.com/sisters)..Info about us all can be found at SongRamp.com....

1.1 1/2 Wiccan ; 1/2 Miz Thang
1.2 Ask Not What Love Can Do for You
1.3 Good Lookin' Mama
1.4 Owed to the Blues
1.5 2 Fast 4 Me
1.6 Cause I Can

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