Tin/Bag: Bridges

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Artist: Tin/Bag

Artist: Tin/Bag
Title: Bridges

Trumpeter Kris Tiner and Guitarist Mike Baggetta revisit their personal and sensitive approach to duo playing with 'Bridges' on MabnotesMusic. This album reveals their musical aesthetic clearer than any other to date and the results are beautiful and other-worldly. Funded, in part, through a grant from the American Composers Forum, 'Bridges' was recorded on tour at Systems Two in Brooklyn, NY and features Tiner's 'Transpersonal Series' of compositions, 2 new originals contributed by Baggetta and one of the most beautiful versions of Bob Dylan's 'Just Like A Woman' that you will ever hear. 'Radiant... there's an open, intensely emotional quality to the duo's playing... spare, haunting, with hints of modernist avant garde gestures.' - Andy Hamilton, The Wire (UK) 'Excellent... trumpeter Kris Tiner and guitarist Mike Baggetta explore abstract yet jazz-derived realms of expansive lyricism and liquid melody.' - Time Out New York.

1.1 Bobo
1.2 Maslow
1.3 Osho
1.4 Bridges
1.5 Aurobindo
1.6 Govinda
1.7 The Truth
1.8 Inayat Khan
1.9 Just Like a Woman

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