Tina T. Howard

Tina T. Howard: Seek Ye First & Keep the Faith

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Artist: Tina T. Howard

Artist: Tina T. Howard
Title: Seek Ye First & Keep the Faith

Very dynamic vocal performances with fresh sounding highly rhythmic instrumental tracks. The 'new songs' in giving all glory, honor, and praise to GOD in the name of JESUS!

1.1 Try the Lord
1.2 He Will Do a New Thing
1.3 Divine
1.4 There Is No Way
1.5 It's a Blessing
1.6 The Lord Is So Wonderful
1.7 His Everlasting Love
1.8 Lord You've Been So Good
1.9 Redeemed
1.10 Holy Spirit
1.11 Seek Ye First
1.12 Keep the Faith
1.13 Everyday and Night
1.14 With Us Everyday
1.15 He Came to Rescue Us

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