Tinkerman: Tinkerman Project

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tinkerman

Title: Tinkerman Project
Label: CD Baby

1.1 You Can Knock Until the Cows Come Home
1.2 Get It Started
1.3 Ice-Cream... No... You Scream!
1.4 Mr. Sunshine (Cigarette Splash)
1.5 Licky Licky Like a Wild Grasshopper
1.6 Love Don't Love Me
1.7 Where's My Dawg At?!
1.8 Bride of Frankenstein
1.9 Nail Him Up!
1.10 Baby 81
1.11 Poverty Hash
1.12 It's You!... No It's Your Feet!
1.13 Shake the World (It's Sleeping)
1.14 Too Irresponsible to Be Trusted with Somebody's Pussy
1.15 Sucking the Bunny
1.16 I See Here You Ordered One Big Fucking Problem
1.17 Tinkerman (The Story of Zero)
1.18 He'll Watch Man Work
1.19 Anywhere the Wind Blows
1.20 It Feels Like An Ice-Pick in My Temple
1.21 Added It Up
1.22 They Turned Her Into a Rocket Ship
1.23 Paths of Glory
1.24 You'll Probably Want to Cover You Ears

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