Tino Ghost

Tino Ghost: Until Autumn

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Artist: Tino Ghost

Artist: Tino Ghost
Title: Until Autumn

'Until Autumn.' sees singer/songwriter Jav Rivera breaking out of his shell and exploring his musical and vocal range. In comparison to the debut album, 'From The Ground', Jav has enhanced the sound for his sophomore effort with stronger vocals, more intimate lyrics, and developed musical arrangements. Tino Ghost has been described as a modern blend of singer/songwriter and is best classified under alternative music. There are also echos of rock, folk, blues, and alt. Country.

1.1 The Light Around You
1.2 Early Day, Slow
1.3 B
1.4 Slow and Easy
1.5 No Skin
1.6 Inside
1.7 Cumulus
1.8 Perfect Addict
1.9 Pill
1.10 Maybe You'll Wait

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