Tirade / Proven

Tirade / Proven: Split

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tirade / Proven

Title: Split
Label: Rucktion Records

Rucktion Records is proud to present a split CD featuring London bands TIRADE and PROVEN. This is the debut official release by both acts, as TIRADE and PROVEN have released well-received demos in the last few years. As any follower of London Hardcore already knows, there is a strong tradition of community and shared members in the London scene, with many musicians playing in multiple groups. This split is no exception, as members also play in current bands such as Nine Bar, Injury Time, Ironed Out LBU, Life Betrays Us, Dropset, Diction, and Crippler LBU. TIRADE and PROVEN's contributions take very different approaches to creating similar styles of classic London Hardcore, blending speed, groove and heaviness in completely distinct ways, which still compliment each other and give a continuity to the 4 brand new tracks presented by each band. PROVEN deliver thrashing crossover speed, enormous grooves and clear, distinctly London sounding vocals from Louis and John, bringing to mind classics such as Leeway or Crown of Thornz. As well as dazzling guitar work and huge breakdowns, PROVEN diversify things further by throwing in occasional melodic vocals, and the end result is a rich, crushing and satisfying listen, combining memorable shout-along choruses, catchy riffing and devastating moments of heaviness. In contrast to PROVEN's precision approach, TIRADE bludgeon the listener with their 4 tracks, lurching from mid-tempo crunch to all out speed, topped off with gruff vocals and comparable to the likes of Breakdown or Sheer Terror. Despite the bands sledgehammer approach, there is still room for moments of subtle guitar work throughout, such as the ending to the inspirational 'Rise Undefeated', a contrast to the venom, speed and angry determination of 'Forced Forward'.

1.1 Proven - Life/Death
1.2 Proven - Get Involved
1.3 Proven - the Masks of Men
1.4 Proven - Threat of Reality
1.5 Tirade - Ugly and Determined
1.6 Tirade - Forced Forward
1.7 Tirade - Genuine Article
1.8 Tirade - Rise Undefeated

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