Tj Porter

Tj Porter: Victory

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Artist: Tj Porter

Artist: Tj Porter
Title: Victory

The songs in this collection are stories of some of the people I have met over the years, my faith, and the anticipation of the coming of our Lord. The album was titled 'Victory' because I have recieved a miracle of healing from our Lord. After having been anointed with oil at the Resurrection Community Church in Karlstad, MN, and having faced my worst fears of radiation treatment, I am now cancer free! The song 'God Made Huntin' is very special to me, because it encompasses the first times that I went hunting and fishing with my dad Gary. This unique song includes Gary's voice captured from a letter, which he had recorded on a cassette tape for me. Several years after his sudden death from cancer, the tape was found in a shoebox in the basement of his home. What a treasure! The songs of faith, also included in this collecton, are inspired by my favorite Bible verses which includes the Biblical account of our Lord returning as 'King of Kings, Lord of Lords' on a white horse for the battle of Armageddon. What a great time to be alive in these days, what Jesus refers to as the beginning of birth pains. I hope you enjoy the album; we had a great time recording it! Tj Porter.

1.1 Railman
1.2 I Am the Life
1.3 Harvey Blue's Song
1.4 Only for You
1.5 Crazy Wayne
1.6 I Believe
1.7 God Made Huntin
1.8 Without You
1.9 Give Thanks in Everything
1.10 BC Bud Blues
1.11 Old Stringed Guitars
1.12 I Got You
1.13 Remember Me

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