Tk Wizard: By Invitation Only

Tk Wizard: By Invitation Only
Title: By Invitation Only
Label: CD Baby

All are invited, for a listen. Please get excited, and join the party! Every album has a story and so read on: This is the fourth TK Wizard CD. I incorporated a lot of the same production as on the first TK Wizard CD "Party At the Castle". This CD is very similar in style as "Party At The Castle", but with a bit more instrumentation. On "Party At The Castle" there's only one electric guitar on the whole CD! By comparison, four songs on "By Invitation Only" have no electric guitars - only acoustics and synth textures (e.g. horn parts). All TK Wizard albums have varying amounts of rhythms and percussions with "By Invitation Only" setting the perfect example. From the opening track "Welcome" with it's reggae tinged beat to "Energy Encore" (a standard disco romp), the CD moves along quite briskly. The tune "Chillin'" slows things down for a needed break and features two classical guitars playing to a slow dance. Once more, a waltz surfaces as the CD closer "Good Mourning". (The third TK Wizard CD "Willow Ghosts" has a waltz called "Wizards' Waltz".) The tunes "Welcome", "Goblet Of Passion", "Chillin'", and "Energy Encore" have the classic TK Wizard acoustic guitar harmonies while the last also features a acoustic guitar jam near the end. I used the acoustic twelve string guitar quite a bit which you can hear on the tunes "Welcome", "Open All Night", "Mirrors Of Hope" and "Energy Encore". And, yes, there's plenty of blazing electric guitar solos to spice up the mixes! Lots of horn breaks, some piano and synth solos, and even a jazzy organ solo on "Shots Of Nectar". I had a lot of fun recording and mixing this CD. It took quite a bit of work because the songs are long dance mixes and I tried to keep them interesting by adding different parts. And you have my personal invitation to listen, dance, space-out, and enjoy the songs on this CD. Have fun at the party! TK Wizard This CD is recorded and mixed digitally on professional equipment. The sonic quality is mastered in true audio fashion with little commercial compression insuring real dynamic range. The music is copied onto CDRs and the jewel cases have no shrink wrap. Thank you for supporting Independent Artists!

1.1 Welcome 5:13
1.2 Open All Night 6:23
1.3 Goblet of Passion 6:18
1.4 Mirrors of Hope 4:44
1.5 DJ's Choice 7:47
1.6 Chillin' 3:34
1.7 Shots of Nectar 5:42
1.8 Galaxy Dance 6:11
1.9 Energy Encore 10:19
1.10 Good Mourning 3:01

Tk Wizard: By Invitation Only

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